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        曲阜圣隆機械設備有限公司坐落于世界歷史文化名城、孔子故里的曲阜市,是一家從事農業、畜牧、養殖等現代生產技術及配套設備的研發 、中試、推廣于一體的專業機械生產廠家。自2002年成立以來,堅持“以德做人、以誠做事”,“用科技關注生活”的經營理念,扎實走科研與生產相結合的產業化道路,經過多年的發展,“圣隆”牌系列產品暢銷各省市,并出口南韓、俄羅斯、泰國、馬里、法國等地。新的征途中,“圣隆”人仍將繼續堅持“質量鑄就品牌”的企業宗旨,悉心學習研究新科技,致力新科技成果轉化,竭誠為廣大客戶提供超值服務。

      QuFuSheng lung machinery equipment co., LTD., located in historical and cultural city, hometown of Confucius in qufu, is engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry, aquaculture and other modern production technology and equipment research and development, pilot plant and promotion in one of professional machinery manufacturer. Since it was founded in 2002, adhere to the \"good life, to do things\", \"with a focus on life science and technology\" business philosophy, solid scientific research and production with the combination of industrialization road, after years of development, has now begun to take shape, \"saint\" brand series of products sell well all over the country provinces and cities, and exported to South Korea, Russia, Thailand, Mali, France and other places. The new journey, \"st\" people will continue to adhere to the \"quality cast brand\" of the enterprise purpose, carefully study the new technology, is committed to the latest transformation of scientific and technological achievements, we will do our best to provide value service for the general customers.